Ostarine MK-2866 Review

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Of all the commonly known SARMs, Ostarine is one of the most used, and the most talked about. With the compound gaining increasing attention, it is important for people to know what the organic compound is all about. In case you walk into a store or lab, and you find a bottle labeled “Ostarine” or you hear people talking about it, this review will give you a broad insight into what MK-2866 is.

In this Ostarine review, we will be talking about what ostarine is essentially, the benefits of ostarine, what to expect when you use it, the dosage information to know when you consider getting ostarine as well as the probable side effects. The overview of this review can guide you in the purchase, use, sale, and consumption of ostarine.


Ostarine, popularly known as MK-2866 by many people and occasionally referred to as Enobosarm by few people is one out of the many SARMs we have around and apparently it is the most popular among all of them. Many may wonder what SARM is, SARM is an acronym for selective androgen receptor modifier which functions primarily as an active bind to receptors in order to target anabolic activities in muscles and bones. Ostarine happens to belong to this group of chemicals.

Traveling down the history lane, ostarine was invented alongside other SARMs in 1997, by GTx incorporated and as at then, it was specifically developed for the treatment of conditions such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis. In recent times, Mk-2866 is now known to be useful for more clinical conditions including helping to preserve muscle mass during the cutting phase.


One of the most amazing things about how ostarine works is the way it is very selective and specific in its actions. It specifically binds to the hydrogen receptors of the bones and muscles without affecting other tissues and organs of the body unlike the traditional steroids.

When used appropriately, you can expect ostarine to retain your muscle mass while simultaneously stimulating fat loss. This process will build muscle while also keeping it hard and strong. You can also expect ostarine to increase your strength, vascularity, endurance and overall body shape.


The purity and quality of the ostarine you use is very important, and it will determine if you will get your desired result. The use of adulterated or low quality product might be the reason most people are getting frustrated with the use ostarine. Getting your product from reputable and reliable source is very instrumental in getting a product that can be 100% guaranteed. We recommend selectSARMS as the #1 online retailer when you consider buying ostarine of high quality. They have a standard reputation of selling pure product at cost effective rates.


Just like every other chemical of clinical use, it is very important to use ostarine in appropriate dosage to avoid abuse that can lead to more complicated medical implications. Based on research, it was seen that ostarine works best when taken between the range of 10-30 mg per day and this dosage is largely dependent on if the user is cutting or bulking. Although for most people, it was found that that 10 mg per day is enough to give desired result but on average for wider range of people, ostarine is seen to work best at 20 mg per day. In most cases, there is no reason to take more in order to avoid extra suppression and other side effects.

It is very important for users to note that a cycle is usually measured between 8-12 weeks. Although taking a dosage of 10-30 mg for a cycle of 6 weeks works for some people but this might be too short and consequently ineffective in most people.

It will be of detrimental effect if higher dosage is taken in a bid to get instant result because for Ostarine to fully manifest itself and kick start its functions, it takes about a week or two and occasionally three or more in few people. Also, note that it is not advisable to use ostarine dosage with other steroids to avoid unforseen complicated issues.


Ostarine have established itself as one of the safest and most potent anabolic SARM available for sale around. It does not affect natural test production making its activity similar to that of testosterone without any serious side effect.

Ostarine principally focus on working naturally on androgenic activity in muscle and bone tissue. Ostarine have been recorded to work perfectly and give effective results in reviews with users and no report have stated otherwise. It works perfectly well especially when taken in the right dosage over a reasonable cycle. If you want a more excellent result, you can merge the use of ostarine with strict training sessions and balanced diet.

Aside the level of success recorded for the effectiveness of ostarine, another good news is that the adverse effects are minimal. Needless to say, there is no need to doubt the potency of ostarine, it gives you the perfectly desired result particularly when used in the right dosage.


The result of ostarine is bidirectional depending on how you want it to go. You can decide just to bulk or employ ostarine to help you get shredded (cutting) but the end result of both is similar which is increasing lean muscle mass.

Reports from various researches and reviews shows that by taking just 1 to 2 mg of ostarine for a complete cycle [12 weeks] can help you increase your lean muscle mass by 3 Ibs without having to stack, maintain strict diet or be on a workout routine. Amazing right? Now imagine what the result would be when you take up to 20 to 30 mg per day for a complete cycle. It is very possible to experience muscle gains of about 6 to 12 Ibs on ostarine especially if you supplement it with strict diet.

It should however be noted that for perfect results, particularly those in bulking phase, it is advisable to take ostarine in a dosage of 20-30 mg per day for a cycle of at least 8 weeks. This routine on its own can help you reach your desired lean muscle mass without much concern about dietary changes. Nevertheless, it will benefit you to know that you have to avoid getting too low metabolism because it will make it much more difficult to burn fat particularly if you are in the cutting phase.

It might interest you to view before and after pictures of ostarine users available online, if you are cutting, you will notice a very significant and drastic reduction in your body fat after few weeks or a cycle of ostarine usage, you will also notice size and strength gain during the bulking phase. If you have large body fat before, ostarine will help you shred them while retaining lean muscle mass.

If you desire extraordinary results while using ostarine, you can consider diet management. Eat foods that are rich in protein so as to help you maintain lean muscle mass, maintain a fairly high metabolic rate and prevent calorie deficit. You can also explore the amazing muscle protecting ability of ostarine in your cutting phase if you add little exercise. This extra practices will help you burn fat and achieve your desired result faster.


As more and more researches continue to emerge with different facts about the use and the effectiveness is ostarine, it becomes obvious that there are numerous benefits attached to its use particularly for athletes, bodybuilders as well as some individuals with specific health complications. The benefits of ostarine include but are not limited to:

  • IT AIDS THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF BIGGER MUSCLES: A lot of people have gone through and are still going through severe stress just to grow bigger muscles. I have a good news for you, ostarine can help you gain muscle mass without stress. This benefit is not limited to athletes and bodybuilders alone, it can also be used to increase the muscle mass in cancer patients, women in the postmenopausal stage and elderly men. It will also interest you to know that the rate of absorption of ostarine into the body is quiet fast and often produce obvious result within reasonable short period of time. It does not matter if you are dieting or not, the function of ostarine will still be intact and as effective.
  • OSTARINE CAN BE USED IN THE TREATMENT IS OSTEOPOROSIS: Because of the remarkable ability of ostarine to significantly increase bone strength, it makes it a very viable option in the treatment of osteoporosis. This attribute was one of the things that gave ostarine the biggest attention following it’s emergence. Aside increasing bone strength, ostarine also have the ability to speed up healing process in case of bone fracture, and also proves potent in the enhancement of bone formation in the body.
  • OSTARINE CAN HELP INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH AND IMPROVE YOUR ENDURANCE LEVEL: Even though ostarine benefits your muscle, its use does not end there as it also increase your strength in any physical activity and definitely improve your performance. Needless to say, as Ostarine increases your strength, it also improves your endurance level. You will agree with me that fitness is not just about body structure alone, it also include strength and endurance meaning ostarine can help you achieve your overall desired fitness goal.
  • OSTARINE ENHANCES HEALING PROCESS: Just like many other chemical wonder in the medical world, ostarine can help hasten your healing process. Just in case you sustain any injury during training or any other physical activity and you have a physical activity coming up in short while and you desire to attain full fitness after sustaining injury, then you need not to panic, recent studies have shown that ostarine can help heal up injury within a reasonable short period of time.
  • OSTARINE ASSIST IN BUILDING HEALTHY HEART: Emerging researches have shown that reduction in muscle mass can result in the reduction in the way in the heart functions and vice versa. Considering the fact that ostarine helps gain muscle mass, it simply means it will lower the cholesterol level in your body which consequently aid the proper functioning of the heart. It is worth mentioning that ostarine also improves muscle quality as well as the hardness of the muscle.


It will be too unrealistic and highly exaggerated to say ostarine does not have any side effects but the good news is that the side effects of ostarine is negligible and minimal compared to other traditional steroids because of the significant reduction in the anabolic effects.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that most side effects of Ostarine comes from improper dosage. The manifestation of this side effects, if any include mild acne, mild headache, nausea, back pain, and lethargy which might be as a result of suppressed testosterone. But I however maintain that the use of ostarine is safer when taken with low dosage range. Likewise it is not yet established what the side effect will be when users take dosage for durations longer than the normal cycle.

Also users must pay keen attention and be sure of the quality and purity when purchasing ostarine. Some sellers are found to adulterate the ostarine they sell, some even sell bunk prohormones instead which can cause severe side effects. It is really advisable to buy ostarine from reputable and trusted companies or retailers where you can be rest assured about the quality and purity.


There are no precise time to use ostarine. This is because when to take ostarine depends largely on half life, when you want to work out and the cycle you are using.

Some people dose ostarine twice a day or more which might not be of best interest. A dose every 24 hours is sufficient when you are using ostarine because of its half life. A dose per day is sufficient to ensure you have a 24 hours supply in your body. Although it does not matter if you use ostarine in the morning, afternoon or night but if you are merging work out with ostarine, make sure you work out few hours after taking your dose.


Stacking ostarine with other SARMs can help you improve results by increasing cardiovascular endurance. Example of SARMs you can stack with ostarine (MK-2866) is cardarine (GW-501516). You can also have a triple stack classic of Ostarine, cardarine and S4 andarine.

Stacking 20mg cardarine and 25mg ostarine can help boost result especially in the cutting phase. Likewise, a daily dose of triple classic stack containing 20mg ostarine, 20mg cardarine and 20mg of S4 Andarine in a 8 week cycle can help you strip fat, increase strength and energy as well as build lean muscle mass in an amazing way. You get to drop off fat and build muscle mass simultaneously.

It should however be noted that one needs to be very careful when stacking ostarine to avoid getting undesirable results or any adverse effect. It is also good to note that most times, stacking might require you to use PCT to help counter the possible effects of the stacking on testosterone.


As weird as it may sound, despite the popularity of ostarine and its numerous benefits, where to buy ostarine that is pure and of high quality remains a major challenge. Buying ostarine is not just about surfing the Internet or walking into a store to grab just any bottle or powder labelled “ostarine”, you must try to verify the quality and purity of the product as well as the reliability of the source.

It is very much advisable and important to get products from legitimate, reputable and standard companies where the quality can be guaranteed to avoid being at the risk of unforseen side effects or getting undesirable results. Independent or third party analysis report, recommendations, customers and site reviews, price as well as nature of customer service responsiveness are some of the indicators you can look out for when considering where to buy ostarine of assured quality.


What is Ostarine half life?

Many people often get confused about when to use ostarine because it is dependent on its half-life. The half-life of ostarine is known to be 24 hours which means a dose us enough to take you through 24hours, and you get to enjoy the maximum benefit.

What is Ostarine found in?

Ostarine unlike some other compounds that can be found in natural sources, it is a pure chemical substance that is supplied in crystalline solid before being dissolved in organic solvent such as ethanol and dimethylformide (DMF) which are usually purged with an inert gas, and sometimes, it is left in powdery form.

Do I need PCT after ostarine?

From reviews, is obvious that many users of ostarine are usually troubled over if to use PCT after ostarine or not just to avoid probable side effects. Although there are no specific answers to this question, but it is critical for you to know that PCT might be necessary under some circumstances. If you use ostarine for longer time than the usual cycle or you use more than enough dosage of ostarine then you should consider taking PCT for about for about 2-4 weeks. Nevertheless, the most secured way to know if PCT is necessary is undergoing blood test to check for testosterone and estrogen levels.

Be rest assured if you are on a normal ostarine routine with appropriate dosage, the use of PCT might not be necessary because Ostarine barely suppress your natural hormone. Nevertheless, 10-20 mg daily dose of PCT for about 4 weeks wouldn’t be a bad idea as preventive measure.

Ostarine – Our Verdict

Ostarine (Mk-2866) has proven itself as a powerful and potent SARM that works better than traditional steroids because of its ability to improve endurance and strength, build muscle mass while also giving other health benefits with no serious side effect.

Ostarine can work in both cutting and bulking phase and just a dose of 20-30 mg daily for a complete cycle is enough to give you your desired result.

If you are purchasing ostarine, make sure you purchase high quality product from reputable company or store then you are sure of getting effective results. Therefore if you look to build strength, endurance, shred fats while building lean muscle mass then Ostarine is the best product for you to consider.