Andarine S4 SARM Review

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Andarine, sometimes referred to as andarine S4 is one of the most potent Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) we have around. The unique properties of Andarine when compared to other SARM made it stand out. It works by binding to the androgen receptor (AR) of the body. In order to maintain high selectivity and maintain minimum side effects, the fusion of andarine is strictly regulated.

Andarine was developed by GTX inc, and it was specifically made for the treatment of osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. Since its development, andarine has recorded huge success in increasing bone density, strength, as well as muscle mass. It is a fantastic SARM with fast action, and produces amazing results within one cycle.

If you seek to know more about andarine S4, paying attention to this review will be of great help. This review is purely aimed at sharing the details of andarine with you. We will take a deep look at the details of effects, dosage and cycle information, benefits, side effects as well as the probable results you should expect from the use of andarine.

What is andarine?

The stand out reputation enjoyed by andarine is as a result of its high selectivity, fast action and effectiveness. Unlike traditional steroids that bind to androgen receptors indiscriminately, andarine like other SARM is specific in its action. It works effectively because of its affinity for AR, particularly the male testosterone  hormone.

It is worth noting that andarine is a partial agonist. It is specifically designed to bind in zones that affect strength, muscle building, and overall fitness performance. That is basically why the activation of andarine in the body is selective. They affect the tissue they want to work with and significantly improve them, while also ensuring that the other part of the body that are not of interest are left unaffected. This explains why the side effect of andarine is very minimal.

Andarine is popular among body builders, athletes, as well as people that want to achieve overall body fitness. This is simply because of its mode of increasing lean muscle mass, strength, stamina, as well as preventing muscle waste. Andarine often gets compared with winstrol and anavar because of its unique properties, mode of action, as well as effectiveness. But, the edge it has over these two is the minimal level of side effects. Andarine is not so aggressive in the body, it is only precise and fast.

What to expect from andarine?

Actually, the use of andarine is like telling your body to cut fats in certain parts, while building muscles in some other parts in a manner that is quite different from the natural proceedings. Despite this, it does not have a negative effect on the overall functioning of the body.

Although, the result of andarine use in the body is not as aggressive as traditional steroids, this doesn’t translate to it being weaker. It simply means it is more specific in action, which consequently makes the side effect minimal compared to traditional steroids. Because of the high level of bioactivity, you can expect fast and effective results from the use of andarine within just two weeks.

You should also expect that mainly the bone and tissue are affected by the activity of this SARM. In less than 3-4 weeks into the use, you should expect massive boost in strength,  stamina level and overall body fitness. Interestingly, you won’t experience any water retention or bloat when using andarine S4. Invariably you should expect growth of dry muscle mass. Athough andarine is effective on its own, nevertheless, if stacked with other SARM, you can experience a fast rise in muscle gain.

During calorie deficit, the synergistic effect  between ostarine (MK-2866) can help you retain muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting.

In summary, after a complete cycle of andarine dosage, you can expect cutting, bulking and recomping.

Best source of andarine

Despite how effective researches have shown andarine to be, a lot of users still complain of getting unexpected and below par results, and this is largely attributed to the quality of the product. Getting your desired results and minimal side effects can be dependent on where to buy andarine.

Although a lot of stores and retailers claim to sell andarine but unfortunately, only few of them have products of the right quality. With our experience and user review over the years, I recommend selextSARMS as the real deal when it comes to the supply of quality andarine and other SARM products. They sell great products with assured quality. Their reputation is built around quality products, affordable price range, independent analysis report carried out on products, and mode of delivery, which are all indicators of a reputable company.

Dosage and cycle information.

It is not enough for you to have quality products, it is equally important to know the appropriate dosage it should be used over a certain duration. Every drug has its optimum dosage and andarine is not an exception.

Due to the low aggressiveness in the way andarine works, it is recommended for users to stick with 25-50 mg maximum dose per day. This dosage can be taken in two to three dose a day. As a result of its relatively short half-life, it is preferably taken two or three times daily.

It should also be noted that female users should start at lower dose especially in the first cycle. Likewise, Stacking andarine with other SARM might also require you to lower the dosage for optimum results.

A complete cycle of andarine dosage is said to be between 8-12 weeks. Many users admitted to starting with 12 weeks in their first cycle, but revealed 8 weeks was sufficient in the second cycle. Stacking andarine do not usually affect the cycle length, only the dosage.

Does andarine really work?

Needless to say, there is a reason andarine S4 is considered as one of the most potent SARM and a better alternative to steroids. Andarine binds to the androgen receptors of the body. This works because androgen have important effects on bone and muscle of the body. Considering the fact that andarine is stronger than many other SARMs, although less aggressive. It is still safe to say it works perfectly and gives desired result in most users.

According to reviews and user experience, bulking, cutting, recomping have all being reported at the end of a cycle. It was also credited for increased strength,   improved performance, and enhanced muscle building. Many users also reported losing noticeable fats after 6-8 weeks into the cycle.

Overall, it is valid to say andarine works well to give you your desired results while posing minimal side effects. You can even stack andarine S4 with other SARM to make it work even better.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the quality of product you purchase. Low quality of adulterated products might not give you the desired results. It can even put you at the risk of being exposed to more other side effects. Likewise, users  are strongly advised against using high doses, particularly in the first cycle.

Results [Before/After].

Users can start seeing obvious results after just 3-4 weeks after start of the cycle. Unlike most other SARMs. The bioactivity of andarine is very high, and because of this, even smaller doses can produce obvious results. Variety of reviews have been carried out in various part of the world about the results from andarine use. Andarine is believed to give positive results and no published reports have countered the claim till date.

Evidence in before and after use assessment of some users suggest up to 7 pounds loss in fat, and about 8 Ibs in muscle mass gain. The result of andarine use shows significant increase in the energy level, strength and stamina of the user. It also enhances increase in dry muscle mass while orchestrating weight loss. The results also include high vascularity. These results further endorse it as one of the most potent SARM.

To get even better results, you can also consider stacking andarine with other SARM to complement its effects. Nevertheless, it is crucial for users and potential users to know that, you don’t have to increase amount of dosage in a bid to obtain better results. Thus, if the quality of your product is guaranteed and you use it in appropriate dosage, you can be sure of positive results even before the completion of your cycle.

Benefits of andarine.

The unique properties of andarine S4 and its amazing benefits have secured a place for it among the top notch SARM. Aside having numerous benefits, it is also found to have little side effects. For instance, andarine does not undergo aromatization which is a process whereby testosterone is converted of estrogen. As a result of this, the risk of estrogenic side effects such as hair loss, and gynecomastia have been eliminated.

Below are some of the benefits derived from the use of andarine S4 ;

  • Treatment of osteoporosis and degenerative disease: it will interest you to know that andarine is not only useful for body builders alone. It can as well be employed in the medical world to treat osteoporosis and degenerative disease. Andarine is a potent option in treating senile-onset osteoporosis because of its ability to prevent muscle wasting. Since it also increases bone mineral density, and promote bone growth, it will be of great use to elderly men and women where pathological fracture is common
  • Increase in muscle mass: Andarine is capable of orchestrating muscle mass gain. Because andarine prevents water retention, the muscle undergo dry growth while also producing hardening effects. Aside gaining muscle mass, it also prevent muscle wasting because of its ability to help you retain muscle mass which you already gained over the years.
  • Bone strengthening: Andarine reduces the possibility of your bone getting fractured by increasing your bone strength, and bone density.
  • Increase the overall fitness of the body: Aside giving you a banging body and amazing physique, andarine S4 also help you get your desired body fitness. You can trust andarine to help you improve the overall fitness of the body. It does this by increasing energy level, strength, while also improving stamina. This means you can spend more hours in the gym without getting fatigued, which is the dream of many athletes and body builders.
  • Reduction in body fat: Although andarine is not seen as a specialist in this, but it enhances fat oxidation while also reducing lipoprotein lipase activity. As a result of this, there is a significant decrease in the amount of fat accumulated in the body. Most of these stored fats are converted into new muscle tissues.

Andarine side effects.

Although the side effects of andarine is minimal but they are not completely negligible. It will be too unrealistic to say andarine has no side effects, but the side effects are minimal when compared to other steroids and SARMs. The low level of side effects is as a result of the highly selective action of andarine. Likewise, andarine does not undergo aromatization which is a process whereby testosterone is converted of estrogen. This alone eliminates the risk of estrogenic side effects.

Nevertheless, users have reported problems relating to vision in dim lights. This problem is as a result of the ability of andarine to bind with receptors in the retina. It is also reported that this only happens at night. However, there is no need to panic because this effect is reversed once the user stops the drug. Andarine also have a negative effect on testosterone level. Also, muscle pain, ligament damage, as well as stress in joints are equally said to be side effects that have been recorded with the use of andarine.

The fact that most of these side effects disappear after the completion of one cycle indicates that the side effects have something to do with dosage level. High dosage level might lead to more severe version of these effects. It will also be of best interest to the user if enough space is given between two cycles. It should however be noted that andarine use follows the law of diminishing return. This means that, the longer the body gets exposed to Andarine, the lower the effect will be. At some point, the body gets used to it and the effect might no longer be felt.

When to take andarine.

When to take andarine is not specific, it varies in individuals depending on convenience and individual discretion. It is advisable to split andarine dosage to about 2-3 doses daily. This split should be kept at the time interval of about the  half-life. This ensures that the body gets 24 hour supply of andarine.

It does not matter if the first dose comes in the morning, afternoon, or just before bedtime. The most important thing is that the dosage of about 25-50 mg is used daily.

Andarine stack:

Andarine is very potent and effective on its own. However, it can also be stacked with other SARM such as LGD 4033, MK 677, ostarine (MK-2866), and cardarine to give even much better results.

During calorie deficit, it can be stacked with ostarine (MK-2866) to protect your muscle mass. The synergistic relationship between these two can also prevent muscle wasting. Likewise, stacking andarine with cardarine can also boost endurance in users.

For bulking, andarine can be stacked with LGD 4033 and thus works super amazingly to gain high amount of muscle mass in very short period of time. To have high result in physique, Andarine can be combined with trenbolone which is very efficient in low dosage. It can also be stacked with 5-10 mg of lingandrol.

If you consider stacking andarine with other SARM or steroids, don’t just get carried away by the exciting outcomes of andarine stack. It is very important to understand the interaction between these SARMS before using them together. You should also pay attention to dosage while stacking. Most times, stacking requires you to take each component in lower dosage. Although this might not have significant impact on cycle length.


What is the half-life of andarine?

It is very common for users to raise questions about the half-life of certain drugs. This is because the length of half-life can help get the best dosage time. The half-life of andarine is relatively short compared to other SARMs and Steroids, and it said to be between 4-6 hours.

What is andarine found in?

Just like most other SARMs, andarine cannot be obtained from any natural source, neither can it be found existing naturally. It is a synthetic nonsteroidal compound made from “antiandrogen bicalutamide” which is the lead compound.

Do I need PCT after andarine use?

Andarine possesses a certain level of repressive ability, and also considering the nature of the side effects after completion of the cycle, PCT is advised. Although the side effects are known to reverse themselves once the drug use stops, the use of PCT will accelerate the process of reversing these side effects.

Users that stack andarine, as well as long term users, should particularly consider using PCT to avoid further and unconventional side effects.

Final Verdict

Andarine since its discovery has been a promising drug tipped for the treatment of osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and some other health conditions. It is a good feeling to see andarine live up to its potential. Although there is still a lot of researches to be done to validate several claims.

Andarine can be used alone or stacked with other SARMs or steroids particularly ostarine (MK-2866). Users should, however, be particular about getting a pure and quality product in order to stay safe and obtain accurate results.

Therefore, if you desire to harness and feel the effect of SARM in muscle building, improved stamina, weight loss, as well as enhanced strength, then andarine is one of the best you can get out there to suit your needs!